rely on vendors, contractors and out-sourcing agreements. For a number of economic and business reasons, many organizations are supplementing their native employee population with third party providers, contactors and out-sourcing agreements. And to maximimize results, you will want these individuals to have targeted access to some of your intranet content.

This is easily supported on by virture of the powerful DNN Platform (too much 'how' detail) security role feature set. includes all the tools and settings needed to safely allow third party partners to access your intranet. This includes the tools to continually monitor your third party access so you can easily provision and de-provision access to your proprietary content.

___ was built for business, so your customers and partners can benefit from the same enterprise-grade security, document sharing, and multi-lingual collaboration options. You can even choose to have a fully public community, like a corporate extranet, or a hybrid community with both public and private spaces.